Puerto Cayo, Ecuador
Photos taken Saturday, May 8, 2004

Jackson & Perkins Groundcover Roses "Baby Blanket" that I planted just last spring. They are totally covered with beautiful little roses!

Another shot of my roses.

And these should bloom all summer - last year they still had some flowers on them when it started snowing!
Here's a closeup of the flowers on the rose bushes. When they first start blooming (before they open all the way up), they look just like miniature tea roses!

These are the "Asiatic Lilies" up by the mailbox. This is their 3rd year, and they are just covered with buds!
The lilies have really spread, and are starting to cover the whole area up by the street. They should be blooming in another week or so, and are really pretty to cut and put in water in the house.

The Louisiana Irises that I planted two years ago started blooming this week.
Here's a closeup - the only problem with these is that they don't last very long - another week or so, and the flowers will be done blooming until next year.

Okay - we are back in the house with a shot of the guest room.
I finished making pillow shams and two toss pillows in the plaid and the solid-color suede-like fabric to match the cornice board over the window.

Also reframed the pictures above the bed - the old "poster frames" I had were really ugly....so I bought new wood frames, and think they look better. All in all, I think the guest room is looking pretty good!