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Playalinda Beach Shells


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In Spanish, "Playa" means beach -- and "Linda" translates to pretty. The southernmost beach of Florida's Canaveral National Seashore, it is most aptly named!
Located next to Kennedy Space Center on the Atlantic Coast, Playalinda is a totally natural beach, with no condos, hotels, or homes -- we are reminded how beautiful and peaceful the seashore can be, with the hand of man showing itself only in the boardwalks to access the beach. Seashells, sea turtles, seagulls and many other birds, sea grapes and sea oats are all you see, besides the pounding surf. How pretty!! (Oh yeah - we did see a bobcat the other day, and have seen their paw prints in the sand!)

Playalinda Beach, Florida

Collecting Shells at Playalinda
One of my favorite things is to stroll along this gorgeous stretch of sand, collecting the prettiest and most unusual seashells. My "inner artist" comes out automatically when I envision these beautiful shells adorning just about any item you can glue a shell on! If you share a love of the beach, perhaps you'll find a piece of artwork on my website that "speaks to you"! I hope so -- and I hope you'll enjoy having it in your home as much as I enjoyed making it. And don't forget what a great gift these items make!

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