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EZ-Page Builder

With EZ-Pagebuilder you can put your business on the Internet and take control of your web site design with no knowledge of HTML! Creating a web page is as simple as stacking blocks. Stack a "Title" block on top of a "Text" block. Stack these blocks on top of a "Horizontal Line" block. Choose from over 10 different block types including:
Banner Specials
Site Search
Order Buttons
Shopping Cart
Button Bar
Information Request
With EZ-Pagebuilder, there are unlimited possibilities to web site design. Now you can create, edit, and maintain your own on-line creations. When you save your work, it is available worldwide!
For Webmasters And Advanced Users:
If you already schooled in HTML programming, you can implement HTML code right into EZ-Pagebuilder. Simply cut the code and paste it into a "Text" block, or our new "HTML" block. Select the HTML option and it is now part of the web site!
Here is a sample of EZ-Pagebuilder in action:

Web page design in progress.

In the sample above, the "Title" block (001) is stacked upon the "Text" block (002). These two blocks are stacked upon a "Graphic & Bulleted Text" block (003). When the page is saved, EZ-Pagebuilder converts the blocks into HTML.
The HTML conversion is displayed below:

Finished web page design.
This page was built with EZ-Pagebuilder.